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Center for Industrial Production (CIP) focuses on four research areas: 1) Product Development in Networks, 2) Supply Chain Management, 3) Strategic Manufacturing Development, and 4) Organisational Design and Change.

As a result of efforts to buttress CIP's international research profile, part and parcel of the Center's efforts to attain distinction as world class research institution, the need to focus the research being conducted at CIP has emerged. 

Research areas

Sharpening research focus is an ongoing process. An evaluation of the research strategy employed hitherto showed that the applied research programmes have demonstrated the greatest amplitude and integrative potential, both internally, i.e. with respect to the Center's research projects, as well as externally, with respect to the links between the Center, other research institutions and industry. Indications are that these applied programmes will continue to produce the most significant research results and receive the most extensive external funding, including corporate funding.

CIP has developed a unique and broad platform of knowledge within its core areas, and the ambition, in the coming year, will be the integration and utilisation of this platform. As a direct result, the co-ordination of individual PhD projects within our research areas will be strengthened. This strategy harmonizes perfectly with the objective to maintain industry-oriented, actionable research as the Center's focal point. Furthermore, it has been determined that Intelligent Manufacturing is no longer viable as an autonomous research area. However, the intelligent manufacturing concept will remain part of the Center jargon in the denotation of "expedient, or smart production", and be incorporated as a relevant point-of-view in other research themes. Finally, the Human Resources in Manufacturing area has likewise undergone a refocusing process, resulting in a new heading, Organisational Design and Change.

In effect, CIP's resources will be distributed nearly equally between four research areas:

  • Product Development in Networks
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Manufacturing Development
  • Organisational Design and Change

Through several network affiliations, our researchers are actively involved in cooperative research projects as well as the exchange of research on an international level.

Our industrial partners support the research conducted at CIP not only by providing the opportunity for case studies and field experiments, but also by suggesting potential directions for future research relevant to Danish industry.

Read about our projects in general here, or find a selection of specific projects in collaboration with the industry here

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