MMT - Master’s Programme in Management of Technology

The Master’s Programme in Management of Technology (MMT) gives a degree in Technology Management focusing on innovation and organisational change. The participants have the opportunity to focus on individual company projects.

CIP staff members have made significant contributions to establishing and grounding Aal­borg University's Master’s in Management of Technology (MMT) programme.

The MMT programme at is a master’s level programme for engineers and managers with 3–10 years of experience within the field of industrial production. The programme focuses on the management of technology, innovation, strategy and competence development.

Plan­ning and management of organisational change are also core elements of the programme. At its inception in 1996, it was the first MMT programme in Denmark. Since that time, the programme has graduated approx. 20 students per year.

Contact Jette Bruun for further information or go to the MMT website (in Danish only).

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