Network and Partners

Center for Industrial Production has strong ties to a number of recognised research institutions situated in Denmark and abroad.

A number of activities follows in the wake of these ventures, from the mutual exchange of senior researchers and PhD students to the joint development of PhD degree programmes, project and research collaborations and training programmes.

The Center already has, or is in the process of establishing, formalised partnerships with:

  • Brighton University (UK),
  • Cambridge University (UK),
  • Chalmars University (Sweden),
  • MIT (USA),
  • Helsinki University of Technology (Finland),
  • IMD (Switzerland),
  • Politecnico di Milano (Italy),
  • Stanford University (USA),
  • Stavanger University College (Norway),
  • Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), and
  • Twente University (The Netherlands).

All these partners have a strong international orientation and an excellent reputation in the area of management engineering. 

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